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Elk Mountain Construction, LLC is a local family owned business established in 2006 with over three generations of construction experience.  Our construction team consists of many local subcontractors within our community to ensure the upmost quality, custom and respectable work in our area.  We can provide any service to be done the best whether it is big or small.  We find the right individual with the right tools for the job.  We focus and strive for 100% customer satisfaction with our client’s hard earned money to be used wisely.  We feel it is important to work side by side with our customers throughout every project phase and create long lasting relationships throughout our community.  Not only can we manage any project, we put on our tool bags and roll up our sleeves to contribute to any project with only our customer’s dreams in mind.  We focus on maintaining a tight budget for any project and strive to cut any costs possible along the way.  We truly feel blessed to be a part of our customer’s dreams when it comes to building their homes and feel there is no greater reward.