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No two projects are the same so Elk Mountain Construction strives to provide a rough estimation of our new client’s project as close to the anticipated actual cost as possible.  Please see the Attachment Rough Budget to see the complete itemization of each cost we include in our budgeting process.

All project costs are tracked and applied to the original rough budget throughout the entire project to ensure funds will be available upon project completion.  Please see the Attachment Sample Budget Tracking to see the sample of complete budget tracking process.

Upon approval of the Rough Project Estimate, Elk Mountain Construction and our new client will execute the General Contracting Contract (please see the Attachment Sample General Contracting Contract).  This Contract outlines the 13% cost of the actual project cost to be charged in general commission.  Clients will be pay all subcontractors and vendors directly.  Clients will receive a project notebook (courtesy of Elk Mountain Construction) which includes a copy of all project estimates by all vendors and subcontractors obtained in the rough budget costs to use throughout the project.  Elk Mountain Construction also will keep a complete project notebook on file throughout the entire project as well.  Elk Mountain Construction ensures all subcontractors have a current Certificate of Liability Insurance Certificate and W-9 on file and are available upon request.

All subcontractors sign a Subcontractor Contract with Elk Mountain Construction (please see the Attachment Sample Subcontractor Contract) to ensure the contracted project cost as well as the timeline they are scheduled to perform their duties on our clients project to avoid project delays.

Anytime there is a change to the cost of work duties or extra materials that differ from that of the Rough Budget, a Change Order will be agreed upon and signed by our client and Elk Mountain Construction prior to any extra work performed or materials are installed (please see Attachment Sample Change Order). 

Elk Mountain Construction strives to complete all projects within a reasonable amount of given time.  There always seems to be a unanticipated number of factors that tend to cause delays so we provide the client and all subcontractors a Project Timeline (please see the Attachment Sample Project Timeline on).  Anytime the project schedule changes, this timeline is updated and sent out to all parties affected by the change.  Elk Mountain Construction believes it is vital to keep the project on schedule as close as possible to keep the project moving.

Elk Mountain Construction provides to our client a Material Order Timeline (please see Attachment Sample Material Order Timeline) to let the client know when to start shopping for materials, when to order materials, and when materials need to be on the project site.  With this timeline, the client is never rushed to make selections for their project.

Whether our client(s) are working through a construction bank loan or paying for their project out of pocket, all invoices are sent via email to client or bank for payment.  Some materials and subcontractors require prepayment or start up payments to complete the project so prompt payment is vital to keeping the project moving forward.  Elk Mountain Construction will ensure all invoiced work has been completed before any final subcontractor payments are made.